Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prefabricated Versus Unfinished Hardwood Floors

The choice between finished floor to bare wood floor can be difficult. You need the pros and cons of each before moving on to consider a decision.

Is then polished parquet unfinished raw, marinated and ready to be delivered on site. It 'available in several widths and types of wood parquet floors and can be combined with existing wood floors.

Prefinished Flooring

Flooring has been developed and at the endFactory, so it does not require further treatment once it is installed.

Parquet is easy to install in a relatively short time. Since it's already been covered in the factory, but it is also much more comfortable, why not sanding or finishing needs to be done on site. This is a process that takes time and you might want to avoid dust.

The multiple layers of finish applied at the factory-finished floors give a very durable wearLayer and the surface is under warranty from the manufacturer. The durable surface can not be achieved on floors finished on site.

Hardwood floors are more versatile, as they have a wider range of substrates of raw wood floors can be installed. Because flooring can float, which is not attached to the substrate, can be installed on almost any surface such as concrete. In addition, the coating is resistant toHardwood floors and its advanced design makes it resistant to moisture and humidity, making it suitable for climatic regions with high humidity or temperature changes, or if the foundation is below ground and more susceptible to moisture.

However, if the finish flooring developed, it is necessary to remove more wood to get a flat floor, so you lose more in the life of the floor before finishing with aSolid wood. Parquet being finished are more difficult to clean between the cracks because they are sealed at the site of hardwood such as incomplete.

A custom sanded hardwood floor is perfectly flat looking, with a table a phenomenon that can not be achieved with a prefabricated flooring. If the ground is uneven, then a pre-finished floor will be uneven. The floor is sanded flat on the unfinished place, it is clear that forgivesBumps.

If the flooring is damaged, the entire section of the floor must be removed and replaced, while in most cases the finished site easily fixed with a parquet floor sanding and finishing will be rapid.

Over time, it is easy to forget that the manufacturer of the finished floor, it is difficult to get an exact match if part of the soil must be replaced. There is also thePossibility that the finished wood flooring will be sold in the future and will not be ordered to replace the cards.

There are several factors to consider that the decision should be a little 'easier:

or Your home is of historical significance? unfinished flooring would be more suitable - the charm of old world record and maintain the authentic look, historical or match existing floors, hand-distressing techniques and agingbe used.

o Are the smoke and dust that may be present in the soil at the site to finish a concern, as when children or pets will be?

o Consider the situation of your new wood floor - will be in an area with high traffic or moisture, such as kitchen or bathroom? If so, it's best flooring, as it has a more durable surface.

or Are you looking for a specific table width, wood species, or unusual color? Untreated wood offers many more options.

Six orInstalling hardwood floors throughout the house, or only in isolated areas? If at any point in the home, untreated wood is best. After you finish your floor on site will contribute to a uniform color and finish.

o What type of installation technique is required? just finished flooring can be floated on a concrete base. If the floor must be installed below grade, is pre-finished hardwood floors, the recommended choice.

Your new orHardwood floor must be integrated with an existing wood floor? If yes, is unfinished floors to scrub and adapt easily.

or what is your budget? unfinished flooring is usually the most expensive option.

or not you live in an area with high humidity? If yes, parquet flooring, the best option because it is more resistant to deformation and distortion.

Prefabricated Versus Unfinished Hardwood Floors